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Industry Trends noted at the AAOS in 2018

Pricing Pressures and Robotics Are at the Center of AAOS 2018 (MDDI Online) Robotics, pricing concerns, and the prevalence of more procedures being performed at ambulatory centers are some of the hot topics in the orthopedics...

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How AR will make orthopedic surgery safer

How Augmented Reality Will Make Surgery Safer (By Sarah Murthi, MD & Amitabh Varshney | Harvard Business Review) Some of the biggest medical advances of the last few decades have been in diagnostic imaging—ultrasonogaphy,...

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10 best new Spine Technologies in 2018

TEN BEST NEW SPINE TECHNOLOGIES FOR 2018 (Orthopedics This Week)   Augmedics Winning Technology: xvision™ Inventors and Engineers: Nissan Elimelech, Stuart Wolf, Elazar Gerland, Nessi Benishti, Tsur Herman, Ziv Amitai, Ron...

Shark Tank Meets Spine Start Up VerteCore!

Shark Tank Meets Spine Start Up VerteCore! TRACEY ROMERO While most of the talk this summer has been about shark sightings and attacks along our beaches and Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps’s race against the great white shark on...

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