The Orthopedics Industry

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The Orthopedics Industry

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Tiger Buford is an Orthopedic lifer –  engineer, startup executive, and retained recruiter. 

At a Glance: Read the Latest News in the Orthopedics Industry

Bio-Printers are churning out biologics for spine repair

Bio-Printers Are Churning Out Living Fixes To Broken SpinesWhat it is: In a groundbreaking study, researchers from the University of California at San Diego successfully bioprinted spinal implants to regenerate spinal cords in injured mice. Essentially, the team printed a 3D biomimetic...

DinamicOR brings a solution to the operating room

When I first saw this, I thought… “Wow, this just makes sense. What hasn’t anyone else done this? Looks like a Donut shop where a nurse can reach EVERYTHING” –Tiger   What is DinamicOR: DinamicOR is a three-tiered back table that is paired with an app to ensure efficiency, simplicity, and...

5 Surgical Robots to Look Out for in 2019

5 Surgical Robots to Look Out for in 2019 (RBR Insider) Just as manufacturers rely on robots to reduce human errors and maintain product quality, so too are surgical robots alleviating fatigue while aiding procedures requiring great precision. The high cost of surgical robots has been a...

KYOCERA acquires Renovis Surgical Technologies as as asset purchase

NOTE: Kyocera purchased 100% of assets of Renovis but not the company to sidestep any PODs issues. KYOCERA to Purchase Major Assets of U.S.-based Renovis Surgical Technologies, Inc. (press release) Kyocera Corporation (President: Hideo Tanimoto) today announced that its U.S....

FDA clears absorbable foot and ankle pins

FDA clears absorbable foot and ankle implant (MedTechDive) Ossio website Dive Brief: Ossio announced Monday it received FDA 510(k) clearance for a bioabsorbable orthopaedic fixation implant for foot and ankle conditions that leaves behind no...

Is metal hypersensitivity testing unnecessary?

IS METAL HYPERSENSITIVTY TESTING UNNECESSARY? (Orthopedics This Week) A new review article has found that the existing literature does not support preoperative metal hypersensivity testing. The article, “Metal Hypersensitivity in Total Joint Arthroplasty,” appears in the December...

About Tiger Buford

Tiger is an Orthopedic lifer (Engineer, Executive, Recruiter). He is a super-connector, insider and influencer in the Orthopedics industry.  


retained orthopedic recruiter

Tiger provides talent to growing Orthopedic companies in Engineering, R&D, Marketing, Regulatory, Clinical, Quality and Operations.  

Tiger is also the Founder and Editor of the OrthoStreams blog.

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Client Reviews: What the Industry is Saying about Tiger

“Tiger is an industry expert, an absolute professional, and has been a marksman when it comes to candidates he’s placed into our company.” ~ Startup CEO / Founder

Tiger is an expert in the field of orthopedics. When you use his services, you not only get a hands-on recruiter but the benefits of his industry expertise. No one has the in-depth knowledge and insights that he has acquired over his many years of experience. I would recommend him to any company. ~ Startup CEO

We have tried several different methods but now use Tiger exclusively when conducting our searches. He understands the requirements intimately since he has been there before as an Executive with many small organizations. I cannot say enough positive things about our experience working with Tiger, and we will remain aligned with him as our go-to A Player partner. ~ Startup CEO

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