What a great year!  I am humbled by all the Ortho friends and colleagues who have reached out to me this year. 



It was a big year for the blog. Closing in on 2 million views on OrthoStreams.  Here are the MOST READ stories during the year, a strange mix of topics.


  • Look for silly money to be spent on Robotics technology as this is the new “space race” in Orthopedics [more].
  • Software products will slowly become more important than hardware products [more].
  • 3D-printed implants will be used in every procedure [more].
  • Same day procedures will expand to the more complex surgeries [more].
  • Wearables will come to all procedures for better outcomes [more].
  • Look for more acquisitions in imaging and AI.
  • VR surgical training will slowly replace traditional surgical training for all procedures [more].
  • Class III startups will become rare as the unpredictable FDA makes this area un-fundable [more]   
  • True AR surgery is still years away, but here are 3 startups to watch [more]


Tiger Recruiting had a great year injecting top talent in management roles into Orthopedics startups in R&D, Quality, Regulatory, Clinical, Operations Marketing and Sales.  After several placements, this year startup CEOs sent me some flattering testimonials

Thank you again for your support.

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