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Podcast 33: Anatomy of a Startup – Q&A with the Founder and CEO of Augmedics

Augmedics just brought real-life “x-ray vision” to US spine surgeons in real-time. In our discussion, CEO Nissan shares the story of how Augmedics started in 2014 and how they are leading augmented reality in spine surgery today, and where they may be going in the future.  Enjoy.

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Anatomy of a Startup – Q&A with Bill Hunter, CEO of Canary Medical

How to Prevent Yourself from Ever Joining a Startup

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The New Business Model in Orthopedics

Anatomy of a Startup – Q&A w/ Mark Foster, CEO Trice Medical

Sacred Cows in Orthopedics

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The Founder Effect in Orthopedic Startups

The End of Big Orthopedic Company Dominance

How can Orthopedic Device Companies Leverage Digital Marketing

Anatomy of a Startup: How Danek Became the Largest Spine Company in the World

Anatomy of a Startup – Q&A w/ Marty WynKoop, Co-Founder, Orthohelix

Anatomy of a Startup – Q&A w/ Dr. Brett Sanders, Founder of Tensor Surgical

Real Career Advice for Engineers Working in Orthopedics

Six Hiring Mistakes that can Kill an Orthopedic Startup

How to Create Innovation in Orthopedics

Anatomy of a Startup:
First Conversation with Erik Paul, CEO of Exiom

Inside Orthopedics: Anatomy of a Startup- First Conversation with Micro C Founder, Dr. Greg Kolovich

A Random Discussion between Joe Hage and Tiger Buford

The Seven Benefits of Working Inside a Startup

Why Good People get Stuck Inside Big Orthopedic Companies

Are You Ready for a Startup?

An Inside Look at a Successful Startup – Ellipse Technologies

Who is Reinhold Schmieding?
Hint: Arthrex

The Secret Weapon for Orthopedic Startups

Why You Should Fire Your Marketing Leader

Why You Should Fire Your R&D Leader

Six Early Hires That Will Breed Success in Your Orthopedic Startup

Dynamite for Your Orthopedic Company

Dear CEO, The Future of Orthopedics is Software

An Open Letter to Orthopedic Companies

Why the Orthopedic Startup IDEA Doesn’t Matter

Hot Startups in Orthopedics
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The Future of Marketing in Orthopedics

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