Like you, I am working from home. Doing more and more video calls. Trying to help Orthopedic Device leaders navigate the new COVID world so I started TigerOrthoConsulting.

Otherwise, I am spending all my time on these things (in order of time spent):

  • working with Orthopedic leaders to bring strong talent as a retained recruiter.

  • creating content for the OrthoStreams blog editor/writer/owner.

  • talking with target guests to interview for the Inside Orthopedics podcast [email me your suggestion].

  •  spending time with my wife,

  • increased exercising to 7× a week – jogging on the beach, walking golf or standup paddle boarding,

  • reading more articles than books these days to find ways to better think, work, and live.

  • experimenting with intermittent fasting, cold therapy, daily meditation, and no alcohol.

Last update July 2020.

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