Open Jobs

I recruit for a select few orthopedic startups that I believe in.

These are ACTIVE POSITIONS.    Updated Weekly.

You will NEVER SEE these positions on a Job Board.


(2)Director and VP Marketing – focus in this startup is revolutionizing surgery, pre-revenue.

Dir/VP Marketing – focus in this startup is leading Marketing with DTC campaigns for new bone fixation.

Director/VP R&D – focus is leading fast-paced startup team in surgical procedures with complementary software tools. 

Director R&D – focus is trauma, must live in Michigan.

Project Engineer  focus is design of procedural surgery kits in sports medical and extremities.  You will be the #2 person in R&D.

Project Engineer  focus is project lead, project management, liaison between surgeons, marketing, leadership. Spine is a must. You will be the #2 person in R&D. 

Principal/Staff Engineer  focus is design, DFM, project management.

Sr Product Development Engineer – focus is custom instrument and implant spine designs

Sr Project Engineer focus is design product development in spine.


Don’t see the right position for you?    Tell me more about yourself!

Email me your LinkedIn profile link + why you are looking and short answers to these 4 questions (one-sentence each) and I will contact you immediately when I have a fit for you.

+ Key Strengths (what makes you special)?
+ Desired Titles?
+ Open to what geographies?
+ Compensation needs?


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