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I recruit for a select few orthopedic startups with great cultures. I work for startups that I believe in.

ACTIVE POSITIONS open right now.    Updated Weekly

Director / VP of Product Development for a total joint startup with robotics, 3D printing and software. Run all of Engineering and own part of the company.

Manager/Director of Product Development Engineer in startup managing MEs, EEs and SEs.
Manager Product Development and Project Engineer one of the hottest spine companies on the west coast.  Best of the best R&D team.

Senior Product Development Engineer in extremities startup.  Reports to VP.  Growth opportunities with mentoring other Engineers.

Manager / Director of Marketing in a fast growing extremities startup.

Senior Project Engineer in new extremities /trauma startup in a cool city. Make a difference!

Software Engineer and Electrical Engineer in a growing med device diagnostics startup with really cool technology.

 Quality Assurance / Regulatory Assurance in a total joint startup. You will report to the CEO and be responsible for all things Quality.

Biomedical Quality Engineer in a Quality/Regulatory SaaS startup that is growing like crazy. Must know Quality systems well and be a “people person”.

Sales / Marketing Leader in an early stage profitable extremities startup. Must be hungry and driven. Run all of Sales /Marketing, low salary, high equity.


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