Frequently Asked Questions will save you time. I have answered thousands of emails from the orthopedics community over the last decade.   Below are the most common questions.

 Who are you, Tiger?

 1st, I am a recruiter.  

2nd, I am an advocate for startups.
3rd, I am an independent voice in the orthopedics industry (blog, podcast). Read more here

 I am hiring.  What is process of engaging you?  your fee structure?

 Read here .

 What is the difference between a retained search and a regular search?

 Read here.

 I am a Job Seeker with experience in Orthopedics.  How can you help me find my next career move? 

 Send me an email with why you are looking, and answers to these 4 questions and I will contact you immediately when I have a fit for you.

 + Key Strengths (what makes you special)?

+ Desired Titles?
+ Open to what geographies?
+ Compensation needs?

 I just need some career advice.

 I earn a living working for orthopedic companies. I don’t work for job seekers or employees. However, if you can send me a short email with your situation and question, I will try to give you my best advice.

 I am a consultant and I need help in finding new gigs.  Can you help me?some career advice.

 The best way to attract new gigs is to share your knowledge and advice daily on social media.  Period.  (How did you find me?)

 I am a fresh graduate interested in jobs in the Orthopedics field.  How can you help me?

 Sorry, I don’t work with new graduates. 

 I want to connect with you.

 I connect with ALL people working inside the orthopedics industry except for sales people.  I prefer email. You can find me at:

 Email: (preferred)


 I want to get my startup listed on OrthoStreams.

 Email me a short paragraph about the startup, with location and URL to

 I would like for OrthoStreams to post my company press release.  What is the process?

 I only re-publish press releases that have a breakthrough component.  If you have a breakthrough, email me at

 Can I re-publish an OrthoStreams article?

 Absolutely.  Cut and paste the article with a link back to OrthoStreams and give me credit for the article. 

 Will you speak at my event?

 Sorry, I don’t do public speaking anymore. 

What do you think of my orthopedic business idea?

 It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, except your customers.   Nobody can predict whether it will work or not. So stop asking “in-theory” and go find out. Go forth and share your idea with everyone. Test it, validate it, improve it, try to attract resources for it. Read more –