1. Your Time

Your time is valuable. By engaging Tiger, you are free to focus on your business, not self-recruiting. Working with Tiger is like having your own in-house recruiting firm and advisor.


2. Pure Orthopedics

You know Tiger. He has his finger on the pulse of Orthopedics and he shares honest thoughts with you. You get access to his his advice, industry insights and Podcasts.


3. Best

Tiger has built great teams in Orthopedic companies over decades. He knows what separates a high-impact player from just filling a chair. He draws from his extensive network to find you the right “A Player.”


4. Fit

After leading orthopedic startups, Tiger knows the right mindset that performs well in the smaller cultures. Some people have the “right stuff” for the small dynamic cultures, others do not.


5. All In 

You get Tiger 100%.  He personally works on your search. He does not hand your search to inexperienced subordinates who click around on the internet. Let your competitors use those other recruiters who delegate their searches.



You deserve more.  Talk with Tiger.

Hire Smarter with Tiger