12 Things Only Medical Device Sales Reps Understand (MoveMedical blog)

You are a sales professional, you just want to sell. You want to build relationships, you want to solve problems, you want to drive growth.

Too often though you are doing paperwork, arduous operational tasks, and performing cumbersome processes that don’t add real value.

You know what you have to go through on a daily basis, does anyone else?

Here are 12 Truths, that only medical device sales reps truly understand:

  1. Even though you are in sales, your main job is actually inventory management.  You deep down just wish you could get back to selling and growing the business.

  2. You call customer service way too much.  You seem to always be calling customer support for the same things, over and over again. The team loves to help you, but you know that some of these issues with pricing, billing, inventory requests should be automated.

  3. You have at least 4 different software tools.  And they easily should be 1 HIPAA compliant tool, yet these tools are not user-friendly, and don’t actually help you do your job better!

  4. Pen and paper are often still your best friend even though you should have broken up a long time ago.  Often, when doing your job, it is easier to create a hack to get work done than using the tools provided. Or you just call someone.

  5. You never know if the scheduling and the requesting app will actually work when you need it.  Downtime is real. The problem is never known when you call IT. Sometimes it just magically starts working again and the apps never work without internet connection.

  6. Most of the time you call or send emails to verify inventory statuses just so you don’t blow a case. Since there is no single source of inventory truth you are always calling to verify, to follow-up. You often drive around town just to make sure everything is where it should be.

  7. You spend so much time trying to get the sales and inventory data, that you never have time to review it. Sales data is elusive. Getting the numbers you want to see (your numbers) is a cumbersome process of emailing, asking, and often begging. Getting your hands on inventory data is not any easier.

  8. Even though it is almost 2020, faxes are still a big part of your life!  Whether it is sticker sheets, usage capture, replenishments, or consignment requests –  for some reason no one has figured out yet -you still have to use fax machines almost daily.

  9. You have your surgeon preferences saved in various files because you found that copy and paste still works so well.  Rather than having the surgeon-specific preferences established and saved into a system, you created an elaborate note-taking process that allows you to cut and paste into emails with the best of them. No one knows that pain you go through to make this happen.

  10. Your inventory audits and counts are done by manually counting and then putting data into excel files.  Inventory counts are the worst, especially when lugging around a scanner. Physically counting everything and then going back to your laptop at night to input the data takes forever. You know there has to be a better way.

  11. You kind of know where all your inventory is, but never actually really know.  This is where your great memory, some notebooks, saved messages, and call to the customer support all come into play. You always have a general idea, but deep down you wish you could be certain.

  12. Everyone wishes the hospital/ASC surgery schedule would just be uploaded directly to your phone.  The holy grail. You want communication and transparency. You want everything to be simple. You want to be able to plan your cases without having to worry if anything has changed in the last 24 hrs.


Don’t worry. There are people who understand. People that have been in your shoes. Also, there are tools that can help.

Keep pushing. You are needed.

Good luck!

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