Orthopedics companies execute an endless string of projects.  The best Orthopedic companies scale faster because they executing projects better than the competitors.

Leaders in Orthopedics are usually people with backgrounds in Engineering, Sales, Marketing or Finance who are natural-born problem solvers. So when a new initiative is created, the tendency for these leaders is to jump into strategy sessions to create execution plans and timelines. 

No, you are focusing on the HOW. 

This is often the wrong approach. It’s not our fault. We are problem solvers who are all wired for the HOW. We were taught in school to work on the HOW for a new project.  We have been promoted over the years largely because of our HOW planning. 

Focus on the WHO first. 

The right WHO can get you to the finish line faster. 

Identify the WHO first. Once you find the right WHO, he or she will quickly put the plans together and build the right team to execute. He or she may be nearby in another department, or a future employee who is at a competitor, or a consultant who can work full-time for 3 months.

The WHO is often an afterthought, partly because the University system called it cheating if you brought in outside help. We couldn’t phone a friend for an MBA project. But heck, we are in business today. You can use any tools necessary to win the day and scale your business. Find your WHO.

Today is the greatest time in history to find the right WHO for your initiative.  Network. Ask for referrals. Call your favorite recruiter.