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The U.S. orthopedic implant industry is a $25 billion business and amazingly, almost 75% of these time-tested (stable) technologies have expiring patents. This typically means it is no longer necessary to continue to pay a premium for these products.

  1. Orthimo (Total Joints)
  2. Ortho Direct USA (Sports Med, Joints, Spine)
  3. RōG Sports Medicine (Sports Med)
  4. Siora Surgicals Pvt. Ltd.  (Trauma)
  5. ImplantPartners brand under MicroPort fka Wright Medical (Hip, Knee)
  6. Syncera brand under Smith and Nephew (Hip, Knee)
  7. United Orthopedic Corporation USA (Hip, Knee)
  8. Villoy Implants (Hip)
  9. Responsive Orthopedics (Knee) [ACQUIRED] [acquired by Medtronic]
  10. OrthoSolutions (Extremities)
  11. Intralign (Joints)
  12. Intuitive Spine LLC (Spine)
  13. SpineDirect LLC (Spine)
  14. Emerge Medical (Trauma) [ACQUIRED]
  15. Convenant Orthopedics (Joints, Trauma)
  16. The Orthopaedic Implant Company (Trauma, Spine)
  17. NovoSource (Total Knees) [ACQUIRED]
  18. Empower Spine (Spine)
  19. Parcus Medical (Sports)
  20. Back2Basics Spine (Spine)
  21. Eisertech (Spine)
  22. Prodigy Orthopedics (very early)
  23. The Progressive Orthopedics Company (Knees, Hips)
  24. Iconocy Joints (Hip) [missing in action since 2016] 


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