While you are reading this, great new jobs are opening up in Orthopedics. 

So why can’t you find them?

I am writing this as a public service to my friends in Orthopedics.  Every week, I talk with professionals who can’t find the perfect job. You’re baffled. You get frustrated and can’t ever find that great job to upgrade your career.  It’s not your fault. Here’s why.


Five reasons why the great jobs are elusive to most individuals.

#1 Invisible

This is a big one. Most of the great jobs in Orthopedics are not publicly listed. Startups in stealth mode do not share open positions (this week, a startup CEO sent me a spreadsheet of all new hires in the first two years. No one will ever see this list.) Then there is the practice that companies want to replace someone currently working inside their company. They engage a recruiter like me to execute a “confidential” search. Unless I contact you, you will never see this position. And lastly, the reason that many great open positions are invisible is that executives simply prefer to hire their former employees who they know they can trust on day one.

#2 Timing

Most positions are open for only a short time. The window between a great company saying we need to fill a position and the individual accepting the offer is usually a few weeks.  Frequently, strong candidates reach out to me just after I filled a position. Timing is everything.

#3 Relo

As a general rule of thumb, if you want to accelerate your career by taking on a great new job, you MUST RELOCATE. Orthopedic professionals who cannot move for family reasons etc are limiting their careers. Often the great next job for you is across the country, not in your backyard.

#4 Dogs

There are thousands of orthopedic companies, but unfortunately, many of these are dogs. The majority of open orthopedic positions you see listed on Indeed are at companies where you DO NOT WANT TO WORK.  Trust me on this one.  Dog companies have turnstiles at the front entrance and they are always hiring.

#5 No Whole Pie

Finally, nobody has access to ALL the great open positions in orthopedics. Each recruiter, each friend, and each colleague has limited visibility to the good open jobs. This is how a network works. Everyone is wearing blinders and sees a tiny part of the picture. No single source is all-knowing.

BTW, here are the job openings that I have right now – LIVE