Mergers and Acquisitions in Orthopedics multiples dates chronological



Below is my list of key acquisitions in Orthopedics by date.


You will see the pattern that most acquired companies were startups.


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If I missed one, let me know…






  • Stelkast in acquired by Globus Medical for $28M


  • ⓢ Link Spine is acquired by Ceiling Spine for undisclosed
  • ⓢ Atracsys Sarl (optical system for robotics) is acquired by Smith and Nephew for undisclosed




  •  OMNI is acquired by Corin for undisclosed
  •  OrthoSpace is acquired by Stryker for $220M
  •  Osiris Therapeutics is acquired by Smith and Nephew for $660M





  • Centerix Orthopaedics acquired by Smith and Nephew for $105M


Nov 2018


Sep 2018



Aug 2018


May 2018

  •  Expanding Orthopedics is acquired by CoreLink for undisclosed
  • Corin Orthopaedics is acquired by Permira, an EU private equity group for undisclosed
  •  Medical Enterprises is acquired by DePuy Synthes for its battery powered impactor for hip broaching for undisclosed
  • Bradshaw Medical is acquired by In’Tech Medical for undisclosed


Apr 2018


  • Paragon Medical is acquired by NN for $375M cash
  • JRI Orthopaedics (UK) is acquired by AK Medical (China) for $24M


Mar 2018



Feb 2018


  •  Orthotaxy, a French software-enabled surgery startup, is acquired by J&J DePuy for undisclosed


Jan 2018



Dec 2017


  •  IMASCAP, a company with shoulder replacement pre-op planning software, is acquired by Wright Medical for $89M


Oct 2017



Sept 2017



July 2017


    • Sonoma Orthopedic Products acquired by Arthrex for undisclosed (no public announcements)
    • Medshape’s ExoShape ACL portfolio is acquired by ConMed for undisclosed


  • Thortex and Millennium Surgical acquired by Avalign Technologies for undisclosed


June 2017


  • Sentio nerve location technology for spine acquired by J&J DePuy Synthes for undisclosed.


Apr 2017


  • Spinal Elements acquired by Amendia for undisclosed
  • Technology from Tissue Regeneration Systems (3D printing tissue) is acquired by Depuy Synthes for undisclosed


Feb 2017



Jan 2017


  • Interventional Spine’s assets are acquired by J&J DePuy Synthes for undisclosed


Sept 2016


  • Ivy Sports Medicine is acquired by Stryker for undisclosed
  • Clinical Graphics, an imaging company to diagnose hip impingement, is acquired by Zimmer Biomet for undisclosed
  • Instratek’s portfolio of staple and hammertoe implants and MIS soft tissue recession instrumentation is acquired by Stryker for undisclosed


Aug 2016


  • NLT Spine acquired by SeaSpine for $53M


July 2016


  • French robotics company, Medtech with technology for MIS spine procedures, Medtech, is acquired by Zimmer Biomet for $77M
  • DFine is acquired by Merit Medical for $98M
  • Wright Medical’s Tornier line of hips/knees is acquired by Corin for $38M


June 2016


  • LDR Spine is acquired by Zimmer Biomet for $1B
  • Responsive Orthopedics acquired by Medtronic for undisclosed
  • ISTO Technologies is acquired by a private equity firm for undisclosed


May 2016



Apr 2016



Jan 2016



Dec 2015



Nov 2015


  • Blue Belt Technologies with its Navio robotics system is acquired by Smith and Nephew for $275M


Sept 2015


  • Tornier’s Salto Total Ankle Replacement portfolio acquired by Integra LifeSciences for undisclosed


July 2015



    • X-Spine acquired by Bacterin for $107M and renames it Xtant Medical



June 2015



April 2015



February 2015


  • Baxano Surgical’s VEO Lateral Access & Interbody System is acquired by ChoiceSpine after the Baxano declared bankruptcy for an undisclosed sum.
  • Branch Medical Group, a Penn manufacturer, is acquired by Globus Medical for $53M
  • German Orthopedic Manufacturer acquired by Paragon Medical for an undisclosed sum


January 2015


  • BlueOrtho, a French joint navigation company, acquired by Exactech for $9.25M


November 2014



October 2014



August 2014


  • Symmetry Surgical acquired by Tecomet for $450M


June 2014



Apr 2014



Feb 2014



Jan 2014


  • Solana Surgical, a foot & ankle startup, acquired by Wright Medical for $90M
  • OrthoPro, a foot & ankle startup, acquired by Wright Medical for $35M
  • Excelsius Surgical, robotics spine patient positioning startup, acquired by Globus Medical for undisclosed
  • Covidien’s Duraseal product line a dural sealant is acquired by Integra LifeSciences for $235M


Oct 2013


  • Pipeline Orthopedics acquired by MAKO Surgical for $2.5M
  • Biotech Intl, French Foot & Ankle co, is acquired by Wright Medical for $80M
  • Lanx is acquired by Biomet for undisclosed
  • Osiris’ culture expanded stem-cell business is acquired by Mesoblast for $100M


Sept 2013



June 2013


  • Wright Medical’s Hip and Knee business is acquired by MicroPort for $290M
  • Pioneer Surgical Technology is acquired by RTI Biologics for $130M cash
  • NORMED Medizin-Technik, a German foot/ankle, hand and wrist company, acquired by Zimmer for undisclosed


May 2013



Mar 2013



Jan 2013



Nov 2012



Oct 2012


  • Santa Clara Technology’s Titanium Expandable cage technology is acquired by Spine Wave for undisclosed


Sept 2012



Aug 2012



June 2012


  • China’s Mindray Medical International, (MR) the world’s No. 3 maker of patient monitors, expanded into a new field last month by acquiring Wuhan Dragonbio Surgical Implant for $35.5M (4.6 X annual sales)
  • Spinal USA and Precision Medical of Mississippi acquired by Precision Spine for $72M


May 2012



Apr 2012


  • DePuy’s Trauma business is acquired by Biomet for $280M


Feb 2012



Jan 2012



Dec 2011


  • Symmetry Medical acquired J&J’s Codman Surgical Instruments business for $165M
  • Synovis (soft tissue repair) acquired by Baxter for $325M


Nov 2011



Sept 2011


  • Impulse Monitoring acquired by NuVasive for $80M
  • Ascension Orthopedics acquired by Integra LifeSciences  for $65M
  • Suzhou Best acquired by Microport Orthopedics for $17M


July 2011


  • Salient Surgical acquired by Medtronic for $525M
  • PEAK Surgical acquired by  Medtronic for $120M
  • KCI acquired by private equity firm Apax Partners for $6.3B
  • Beijing Montagne Medical Device acquired by Zimmer for undisclosed
  • Arthrocare’s Parallax and Contour spine lines acquired by NeuroTherm for undisclosed
  • Robinson MedSurg acquired by Bacterin for $1M


June 2011


  • Memometal Technologies acquired by Stryker for $162M
  • Amplitude acquired by Apax France, a large joint manufacturer for $66M
  • Voyant Health acquired by  Brainlab for $10M
  • TENET Medical Engineering acquired by Smith & Nephew for undisclosed
  • Orchid Orthopedic Solutions acquired by Altor for undisclosed


May 2011


  • SeaSpine acquired by Integra Orthopaedics for $89M
  • Orthovita acquired by Stryker for $316M
  • Norian assets of Synthes acquired by Kensey Nash for $22M
  • Impliant was acquired by  Premia Spine for undisclosed
  • ProChon Biotech acquired by  Histogenics for stock


April 2011


  • Synthes acquired by Johnson & Johnson for $21.3B
  • Smith & Nephew Interventional Spine Pain Mgmt acquired by NeuroTherm for undisclosed


March 2011


  • Applied Spine Technologies was acquired by Rachiotek for undisclosed
  • NovaLign (certain IP) acquired by  FlexFix/VentureMD for undisclosed
  • Beijing Wei Rui Li Medical (majority stake) was acquired by China Kanghui for undisclosed


Feb 2011


  • Genzyme was acquired by Sanofi-aventis for $20.1B
  • NovaLign (certain intramedullary designs) acquired by Sonoma Orthopedic for undisclosed


Jan 2011



Dec 2010


  • Surgical Biologics acquired by MiMedx for undisclosed
  • Stryker’s OP-1 bone growth factor acquired by Olympus for $60M
  • Sodem Diffusion/SoPlus power tools acquired by Zimmer for undisclosed
  • Small Bone Innovations’s shoulder assets acquired by FX Solutions for undisclosed


Nov 2010



Oct 2010



Sep 2010



Aug 2010


  • Osteotech acquired by Medtronic for $123M
  • VertiFlex (certain spine assets) acquired by Exactech for undisclosed


July 2010



May 2010


  • Brighton Partners polyethylene technology was acquired by Exactech for $5.5M


April 2010


  • Eska Implants was acquired by Summit Medical for undisclosed
  • Synergetics’ Sonopet/Omni lines acquired by Stryker for $3M


March 2010



Feb 2010


  • Advanced Bio-Surfaces’ OrthoGlide ankle was acquired by Memometal Technologies for undisclosed


Dec 2009


  • Scient’X acquired by Alphatec Spine for $116M