Orthopedic device companies. This is your wakeup call. Your webinars are fooling you.  

The word Webinar comes from Seminar. This should be an early tip off.  Want to go to a seminar? The basic definition is a live online educational presentation during which participating viewers can submit questions and comments. 

Since COVID, we have all witnessed the shift. In an effort to reach surgeons at home, device companies have resorted to a full blown webinar assault.

7 reasons why your webinars are not working and you may not know it.

#1 – There are too many webinars.

Orthopedic surgeons have been flooded by webinar invites since COVID happened.  You don’t have visibility into all the invites that are barking for the surgeon’s attention. RESULT – Surgeons say “no” to most invitations.

#2 – Webinar formats are usually one person presenting to many.  

This is so 2000.  This is classroom technology when better communication tools are available. Your webinar is not as interactive as you think. Result – one presenting to a few feels like a lecture.

#3 – Webinars require registration.  

Surgeons view most webinars like a company sponsored dinners or meetings. Free discussion about your technology or product is not really available. Authenticity is missing. RESULT – For your customers, it feels like the company is organizing and controlling the content. 

#4 – Webinars are too safe.  

There is not enough cross-pollination because of your invitation list. Not enough challenging points of view. The discussion becomes contrived. Not a lot of fresh leads.  RESULT – most webinars end up becoming friendly surgeons presently to friendly surgeons.  

#5 – Webinars attendees are distracted.

Surgeons can multitask while watching your webinar, and they do. They check texts from their kids, check stock portfolios, and read the news. Result – You don’t really have the surgeon’s attention. 

#6 – Webinars require surgeons to be online at a specific time.

Webinars are synchronous communication. Surgeons are busy people. This is why you can register 50 and get 12. Also many surgeon log in late and log off early.  RESULT – lots of no shows and poor attention once again.

#7 – Webinars are not helping you reach your goals.

It feels productive to have your surgeons talking with each other, but how many fresh new leads are you actually gaining? Are more surgeon customers being trained, really? Is your sales forces gaining new leads, really? RESULT – Webinars are feel good activities, not results bases activities.

The better way to engage with your surgeon customers is Digital Marketing. Why?

– From a customer-first perspective, content is more convenient and easy to navigate to the surgeon customer.

– Surgeons consume your content on THEIR time and not YOUR time.

– Digital content can be consumed on-demand, not at-your demand.

– Forwarding and sharing content is easy and real-time – unlike a webinar where you have to pay to play.

Digital marketing orthopedics infographic