The problem with groupthink in Orthopedics today. |

At AAOS this year, you will see all the companies copying each other. 

When the majority of orthopedic industry people believe in the same thing… this is dangerous. This is a problem. This is not innovation.

When all the companies are in agreement, then everyone is wrong.  Always. 

The masses are average (by definiton)

The masses are status quo.

The mindset of the masses is based on accepted industry norms.

The masses are focused on incremental improvements, line additions and tiny sales growth. 

When Contrarians believe in radical new ideas and challenge the status quo, this has huge potential. Contrarians are right. Sometimes. 

Contrarians are unique, one of a kind.

Contrarians move the needle. 

The mindset of the contrarians is disruption with brand new solutions. 

Contrarians are focused on turning the industry upside down, creating new sales in new categories. 

While the masses keep the status quo, the contrarians are the ones who impart change on the orthopedics industry. 

Learn to look for the contrarians in the industry.  We need more of them.

Who are the Contrarians today?