Your people ARE your company. 

You already know this. People ARE your company, NOT things like technology, building, logo, inventory, income statements, etc.

Your employees determine your customers’ experience. If they create a good customer experience then you will grow, if they deliver a poor customer experience then you will fail. It is really that simple.

We all agree that your people are #1…   so why do Orthopedic companies hire B Players?

As a retained recruiter in Orthopedics, I get to see inside diverse companies coast to coast. Each week I watch companies completely blunder the hiring process. Companies settle for filling a chair, instead of attracting the best talent. Filling a chair can kill your company.

“A Players hire A Players.
B Players hire C players.
And C Players will kill your company.”

I believe there are 5 reasons why Orthopedic companies “accidentally” attract B Players.

Reason #1.
Your company does not have a compelling story.

To attract A Players you must communicate your “Why”.  Simon Sinek says it best here.

Great orthopedic leaders connect emotionally when they tell meaningful stories about their business.

Why did you start the company? What clinical problem are you solving? Why are you and your team so committed and passionate about the opportunity?  

Every person in your company should know the story. Once your story becomes ingrained in your culture, your people will become evangelists for your mission that spreads to your customers.  By the way, your story is powerful when hiring. A Players want to work for companies with a strong “Why”.

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Reason #2.
Your hiring process is too slow.

A Players are in high demand. They have the leverage during the hiring process. The speed which you make decisions during the hiring process is a direct reflection on how your company makes decisions.  I know individuals who interview at a company they love, but after 3-4 weeks of interviewing process, they don’t want to work there. “I don’t want to work for an orthopedic company that cannot make a decision in 3-4 weeks.”

By contrast, B Players will hang in there for a while and C Players will hang around forever.

If you want to hire A Players, move fast.

Set up a phone interview within days of learning about them. Set up the in-person interview within days of the phone interview. Make the offer within days of the on-site interview. 

Reason #3.
Your pay is not competitive. 

In Orthopedics today, the candidate has the leverage because the candidate has so many options.  To shift the leverage back to your company, you have to offer a healthy compensation package to attract the best.

Stay aware of what competitors in your local market are paying their employees. 

It’s always cheaper to stretch your pay to attract the A Player.  A Players will make a positive impact on your business.  B and C Players will have to be replaced in the future.

Reason #4.
You have a challenging geography.

There are many compelling Orthopedic companies in rural towns, cold climates or expensive areas. This creates a relocation challenge.

Sales can be remote, this is easy. Generally, Operations and Quality should be on-site, but what about Engineering, Marketing, Finance, Regulatory, Clinical?

If you want to attract A Players in Engineering, Marketing, Finance, Regulatory, Clinical you must become more flexible in where your employees work. Today, the remote working apps are unbelievably good.  Remote workers are generally happier. And you can measure productivity versus time in the office.

Do you want a great Regulatory Director working remotely, or a so-so Regulatory Director who happens to want to live in your geography?

Reason #5.
You are working with a Contingency Recruiter.

Rookie mistake. I promise that your hiring goals and the goals of a Contingency Recruiter are simply not aligned.

Engage a Retained Recruiter and you will find the A Players that you need.  Read more here.

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