Red Flag – Don’t hire this person. |

Today I am sharing five red flags to avoid for your next key hire in your growing Orthopedics company. I have seen all five of these mistakes. Send me a note if you have seen this also.

#1 – Don’t hire the person running away from a bad situation, a bad boss, an ethical disagreement, etc.

#2 – Don’t hire the person who thinks he/she is vastly underpaid.

#3 – Don’t hire the person just because he/she wants to live in your city because of family or a boyfriend/girlfriend there.

#4 – Don’t hire the person who shows a lack of interest in your business.

#5 – Don’t hire the person just because he/she is your friend. 

Do… hire this person.  

Your “home run” hire should be the super-star who is working at your competition who is not even looking for a new job.