This may be a tough message for many young Engineers.

I talk with Product Development Engineers every day, many of them are Millennials. Many want to tell me about their wonderful degrees and their impressive Masters programs or their MBA they are currently pursuing.

I see notes like these trying to impress a hiring Engineering Director at an aggressive growing orthopedic company. (actual note).

“I am happy to discuss my other experiences in biomechanics at the University of Greatness, my peer-reviewed paper on gait rehab, the award I won for human factors system design at NASA, or my woodworking, all of which have contributed to a knowledge-base allows me to think creatively and communicate across several disciplines.

Nobody cares about your degree.
Nobody cares about your training. 
Nobody cares about your past accomplishments and another organization.

Strong orthopedic companies want to know what you can do for them right now. Not in 3 months but on day 1.

The Big Question – With zero coaching, handholding and training… can you engage with orthopedic surgeons and quickly turn product concepts into commercially success products?