I used to play competitive tennis. Sometimes you hit a great shot with good intensions, but you aim too low. 

Result – you lose the point.

Every year I see new Orthopedic companies that aim too low. 

These companies have good intentions and start off plans of innovation, but then over time, they collapse into me-too work. They conform to the industry. The result is that they aim low by chasing the competitive trends.

They use conventional sales models.

They follow pricing models of the competitors.

They use conventional marketing techniques.

They match the messaging and look & feel of others orthopedic companies.

They copy the surgical training formats that their competitors have designed.

They even hire people who have been trained and brainwashed by their competitor’s culture.

Unfortunately, over time, they aim too low and make zero impact on the market.

What if your Orthopedic company aimed high?

What if you embraced a goal that appears unattainable with the current practices, skills, and knowledge of your competitors?

What if you created a brand new procedure or solution to an existed problem?

You might just hit a winner!