If you want to eliminate yourself from opportunities in the startup world, do these 10 things.

  1. Hang in there at your current company for that next promotion that has been promised. You can get it. You might very well outlast everyone and get that promotion.
  2. Get more degrees, perhaps an MBA, and have your employer to pay for it. This will create a financial dependency with your employer.
  3. If an opportunity for a phone interview doesn’t sound good, just pass on it.
  4. Don’t do anything crazy to mess up your spouse’s job. Always be thinking about your spouse’s career also.
  5. If you are really interested in joining a small company, wait until the startup has strong sales and is profitable before making the move. 
  6. Put down strong roots in your local community so that your next job must be within 30 miles of your house.
  7. Wait for the perfect business conditions and personal situation before you jump to a startup. 
  8. To make your resume look solid, stay at your current employer a bit longer. You don’t want to look like a “job hopper”.
  9. Don’t waste time reading and learning about startups. And there is no need in talking with friends who have taken these risks.
  10. Build personal debt. Buy a giant house, fancy cars and alot of toys. You deserve it.