With crisis comes opportunity.

It may seem strange in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the weirdness of social distancing, with remote working and the temporarily delayed elective procedures, but it’s true.  This is the BEST time.

Proactive orthopedic companies are getting prepared for the coming Q3 boom. Smart Ortho companies are continuing to interview to be ready for Q3 when all the pent up elective procedures are unleased.

3 Reasons it’s the best time to interview.

#1 – We’re all captive.

We are all working from home.  Everyone is connected to their employeer and customers through screens and phones. Your potential candidates are working from home too.

#2 – Ease of video.

In 2020, you have great video conferences tools available.  Some are free and some are paid.  It couldn’t be any easier now with SkypeZoomWebEx, JoinMeGotoMeeting, RingCentral, and Zoho Meeting.

#3 – Temporary talent.

There is a temporary bulge of talented people in orthopedics who are idle right now and have no place to interview. When your company interviews ahead of the Q3 boom, you get first choice of talent. You get pick 1st of the litter.