Tiger Buford is a business-focused Technology Leader with a proven track record of bringing Orthopedic technology to life.  Has brought over 50 new implant devices from design concept into commercialization through leadership roles in Product Development, R&D and Technology Acquisitions.

He is currently the VP R&D at Ellipse Technologies in Irvine CA. 

 OrthoStreams  He writes a popular Orthopedic blog called Ortho Streams that provides free fresh daily news and commentary

  He helps to connect talent with growing Musculoskeletal companies through OrthoJump

You can reach Tiger in these ways:

email:         tigerbuford@gmail.com
Twitter:      @TigerBuford 
LinkedIn:    http://www.LinkedIn.com/in/TigerBufordOrthopedics
Plaxo:        http://tigerbuford.myplaxo.com
Skype:       tigerbuford

Google+     tigerbuford
AboutMe    http://about.me/tigerbuford

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